While you can transport your Rev Tent on smaller Rhino platform style roof racks, to open the Rev Tent and secure it for sleeping, you will need a Rhino Pioneer roof rack 48” x 84” / 1220mm x 2134mm or larger. The Rev Tent has been designed to attach at specific points to these following Rhino Pioneer Platforms:   

42115B    107”x 58 “ / 2728 x 1465 mm 

42107B/52107    84” x 49”/  2128mm x 1236mm      

42104B/52104    84”x56” / 2128mm x1426mm 

42105B/42115BF/42119BF    107”x 58” / 2528mm x 1586mm      

Note: The Rev Tent does not play nice with the Front and Side Rail Kits. We recommend a completely flat deck

The tent secures to the T slots in the rack slats with the C6 Outdoor Rev Tent mount kit for Rhino Racks.  The Rev Tent is bolted down with easily removable eye nuts at all 4 corners to transport the Rev Tent on the rack, and in 6 points for sleeping (all 4 corners and 2 in the center) on the rack.

The Rev Rack Tent includes the Transport & Sleep mounting kit.  Just choose the "Rhino" mounting option when purchasing your Rev Rack Tent.   

If you don’t already have a ladder for your rack, or a ladder on the rear of your vehicle, or a tire step, or another way to climb up to your rack, you may want the optional Rev Ladder by C6 Outdoor.