The Rev Tent is ready to camp on the ground or in the back of a pick-up truck (w/ a bed at least 48" wide), right out of the box.  It doesn't need any additional components for use. 

To get your Rev Tent to your camp destination you have a few options:  Transport it inside your vehicle or outside of your vehicle. 

If you have a pick-up, you can just toss it in the bed.   

The Rev Tent fits inside most SUVS,  it even fits inside Teslas and Prius (with the seats down).   When zipped closed, the tent is 47.25” L x 42.25” W x 8.5” T / 120 cm x 107 cm x 22 cm.

If the Rev Tent doesn't fit inside your vehicle for transport you will need a way to attach it to your vehicle roof to get it to your campsite.   We offer Rev Straps to secure the tent to load bars or smaller roof racks.   You can attach the tent directly to your roof using the C6 Outdoor Rev Straps with the Door Hook add ons.  We don't recommend attaching the tent directly to your glass roof (sorry Tesla and other moon roof owners!)  

To sleep in the Rev Tent on top of a vehicle, you'll need either a Rev Rack Tent or a Rev Roof Top Tent.  If you want the Rev Tent for ground or pick-up sleeping now,  but might want to upgrade to vehicle roof top sleeping later - you can purchase the add-ons at that time.