If your Front Runner rack (Slimline II or Slimsport) is  48” x 84” / 1220mm x 2134mm or larger you can set up the Rev Rack Tent for transport and sleeping directly to the rack. No steel platform needed.   The rack itself provides all the support necessary.  This saves on weight and cost.   There is no reason to put a metal platform on a metal platform to support a roof top tent if your rack is large enough.   The Rev Rack Tent includes the necessary mounting kit. 

If your Front Runner rack is smaller, you will need the Rev Roof Top Tent to sleep on the vehicle. The Rev Roof Top tent includes a platform. 


If you’re familiar with traditional roof top tents, the Rev Roof Top Tent uses a similar platform tracks and clamps.  


To mount the Rev Roof Top Tent on a Front Runner Slimline II rack, you may need the Front Runner Tent Mount kit (SKU TBMK001). The Tent mount kit raises the Rev Platform a few centimeters so when it is open it can clear the raised lip of the rack.    

For the luxe Rev Roof Top Tent  mounting solution, consider the Front Runner Quick Release Tent Mount Kit (SKU TBMK012)   These clever brackets allow you to install and remove the Rev Platform in seconds - no tools necessary.   


If you have any Front Runner Expedition Rails installed on the Slimline II tray, they may block the Rev Roof Top Tent from opening. You will need clearance. But lucky for you,  because the Expedition Rail kits are modular, you can easily remove the Expedition Rail section where you need the Rev Platform to open.     


PRO HACK:  Flip the Slimline II tray over so the raised lip faces down and you can attach the Rev Roof Top Tent without the need to purchase the Front Runner Tent Mount Kit.  If you’re not using any Front Runner side mount accessories and don’t need the nut channel on the edge to be facing up, why not?  It does not change the performance of the rack and it looks the same.  (You can carefully remove and flip the Front Runner stickers for the new orientation).