If your Rhino Pioneer Platform is smaller than 48" x 84", you will need the Rev Roof Top Tent to sleep on the vehicle.   The Rev Roof Top tent includes a platform. If you’re familiar with traditional roof top tents, the Rev Roof Top Tent's Platform uses similar tracks and clamps.  


Rhino sells a tent mount kit that you'll need.  Look for the Rhino Rack Rooftop Tent Brackets (53101)

If you want the platform to sit lower as well as save a buck or two, you have to get dirty. The quickest solution is to drill through the Rhino Pioneer slats and mount the Rev Platform channels directly. This is Rhino’s recommended way.  

Another option is this track install hack:  when assembling the Rev Platform X, install 1 track in the outside position, and 1 track in the inside position.  This way you can use the included hardware to clamp around the Rhino Rack support beams (not the wider Rhino rack slats).   

Also, it's worth pointing out that you can transport the Rev Tent on any size Rhino Roof Rack, and use the Rev Tent to sleep on the ground.  It's just as comfortable, and even more convenient than roof top tent sleeping (yes, we said it!)   

***If your Rhino Pioneer Platform rack is  48” x 84” / 1220mm x 2134mm or larger you can set up the Rev Rack Tent for transport and sleeping directly to the rack.  The Rev Rack Tent uses the platform of the roof rack for support. There is no need for the additional weight and cost of a 2nd metal support platform built in to the base of a roof top tent.  The Rev Rack tent includes needed Rhino rack mounts.