If your Yakima rack is  48” x 84” / 1220mm x 2134mm or larger you can set up the Rev Rack Tent for transport and sleeping directly to the rack.  The rack itself provides all the support necessary.  This saves on weight and cost because no additional steel platform is needed.  There is no reason to put a metal platform on a metal platform to support a roof top tent if your rack is large enough.   The Rev Rack Tent includes the necessary mounting kit.   

If your Yakima Lock-n-Load rack is smaller, you will need the Rev Roof Top Tent to sleep on the vehicle.  The Rev Roof Top tent includes a platform.  If you’re familiar with traditional roof top tents, the Rev Roof Top Tent platform uses similar tracks and clamps.  

 The Rev Platform tracks sit directly on the Yakima Lock-n-Load tray, and the included bolts and brackets can be used to secure the Rev Platform to the Yakima rack’s slats.  NOTE: Orientation is for opening up off the sides of the vehicle.  

Not compatible with the Perimeter rail kit!  If you raise the sides of the rack with this add-on, the Rev Roof Top Tent's platform will not be able to “unfold”.