The Rev Tent Platform includes brackets and bolts that slide in 2 channels underneath the Rev Platform.  The included hardware clamps around 2 load bars or 2 rack slats that are already attached securely to your roof. (We just provide the fun camping gear, you supply the cross bars or roof rack!)  

You can see details of how this system works in the assembly guide HERE.  

Watch a video HERE. 

What size cross bars will the Rev Platform mount to?  

Using the included hardware you can mount the Rev Platform to 2 roof rack slats or 2 cross bars/load bars that are straight.   They can be square, rectangular or round – as long as they are no wider than 110mm / 4.3"  and no taller than 38mm / 1.5".     

If you are mounting the Rev Platform to cross bars/load bars, the bars should be positioned no closer than 24"  / 61 cm , and no wider than 40" / 102 cm.  The recommended distance between the bars is 32"

The included bolts are 2" / 50mm long.    

See attached specs for bottom bracket bolt positions.