The short answer is Yes and No.    

Yes - You can to transport the tent to your camping destination without a rack or load bars.      

No* - You can't open up the tent and sleep elevated on top of your vehicle without a rack or load bars.   

What's with the asterisk* ?  If you're looking for hope - here's a small window:    

*  If you have a vehicle with a strong flat roof and a rain gutter, you can set the tent up on the roof directly for sleeping.   (This will work on some vans, long wheel-base G-Wagens, etc.).  Just be sure to strap the tent securely in place.    

If you really have your heart set on camping on your vehicle,  just purchase cross bars / load bars and use them to mount the Rev Platform.  Be sure the load bars are straight, and not arched or curved.   Also, verify the load capacity.   You'll need to support about 75lbs for the Rev Tent AND Rev Platform, for static and dynamic (when the vehicle is moving), and more when static depending on who is sleeping in it.