The Rev Platform X weighs 51 lbs / 23 Kgs. It is not difficult for one person to lift the platform to the vehicle roof before a trip, or to remove it for storage after a trip.   We designed the Rev Tent system to be modular so you, solo,  can remove the Rev Tent off the roof one piece at a time.  This is the only Roof Top Tent with this feature.  

PRO HACK:  If you don't want to carry your tent gear on your vehicle full time - and we recommend that you don't to save on fuel and extend the life of your gear - remove only the top half of the Rev Platform X by disconnecting the hinge plates.  By unscrewing 2 bolts, you can then store one half of the platform in your garage with the tent, and leave the other platform half on your vehicle. This is easier than unbolting the entire platform (8 bolts), and will save weight on the vehicle and also look sharp!