REV TENT GROUND and TRUCK BED set up time:  3 minutes.   1. Unzip and flip open.  2.  assemble 4 poles,  3.  pop in fly sheet eyebrows.   4. Pound in optional tent stakes and guylines or set tent in truck bed. 


REV RACK TENT set up time:  3-5 minutes.    1. Unzip and flip open.  2.  Hand tighten eyebolts through 2 grommets. 3. Assemble 4 poles   4.  Pop in fly sheet eyebrows.     

REV ROOF TOP TENT set up time:  5-7 minutes.  1. remove Rev straps and tent.  2. Attach Ladder.   3.  Open platform.  4. Assemble 4 poles.  5.  Pop in fly sheet eyebrows.  6. Attach tent to platform.