The Rev Rack Tents work with any Baja Utility (flat) style rack that is 48" x 84" and longer.   The Rev Rack Tents are also compatible with the basket style racks, but you will want to choose one that is at least 51" wide, and note:   there will be a "lip" of the rack basket edge at the bottom of the doors you will have to navigate over to get in and out of the tent. (only about 1" or so...)      

Choose the "other" mounting option and  your Rev Rack Tent will ship with a set of 4 Rev Straps for securing your Rev Tent to the rack. 

Here are some of the Baja Rack makes the Rev Rack Tents work with:

Land Rover Roof Rack LR3/LR4 Utility (flat) (2005-2016)

5th Gen 4Runner Roof Rack - Utility (flat) (2010-2022)

51" Small FJ Cruiser Roof Rack - Utility (flat) (2007-2017)

55" Medium Land Cruiser 80 Series Roof Rack - Utility (flat) (1990-1997)

Land Cruiser 100 Series Roof Rack with SPY Light System - Utility (flat) (1998-2007)

Land Cruiser 200 Series Roof Rack - Standard Basket (2008-2021)

Land Rover Discovery Roof Rack I & II - Utility (flat) (1994-2004)

Land Rover Defender 110 Roof Rack with SPY Light System- Utility (flat) (1997-2016)

Lexus GX 470 Roof Rack - Utility (flat) (2002-2009)

PRO TIP:  If you purchase a Baja Rack (utility style), why not add on the Baja Rack ladder to get in and our of your Rev Rack Tent?