Most condensation in any tent comes from your breathing.  We recommend you breathe, so here are some tips to mitigate condensation.


Crack the upper windows / doors (we call them “windoors”)  to create ventilation.  Air moving through your tent to balance the temperature between the outside and inside (yes, even cooler air) will help decrease the drips.   


Lucky for you the Rev Tent has 4 windoors.  You can fully zip closed the outer fly windoors and crack the inner tent windoors at the top: just one, or all four, just an inch, or open them all the way. Because the outer fly is fully enclosed, you’ll still have full privacy and protection from the elements.      


If moisture accumulates, and sometimes it just does - wipe down the inner tent with a cloth.    


Also, never bring wet or moist clothes with you inside the tent. You’re trying to keep moisture out!