Because all vehicles have different shapes and different size roofs with windshields sloped at different angles there are instances where you may hear a whistle from the Rev Roof Top Tent. If you do, the first order of business is to mount the platform as far back as possible on the roof. You want the wind whooshing off the vehicle windscreen to move up and over the platform, not hit it dead on.  

If you still hear a noise, you can see if keeping the tent mounted to the platform decreases the noise.  

Unfortunately because you are putting a universally designed object on your roof, you may hear a whistling. This is true with a plain old roof rack, luggage bag, storage box, etc.   

Pro  Hack:  You can always crank up the road trip tunes!   

If you are still having a problem, feel free to call us and we'll see if we can help you diagnose and solve the issue.